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Weeks Bay Outdoors was started by a couple of crazy South African Expats who have an avid love of all things fishing and the outdoors. With years of experience and tons of enthusiasm, from deep-sea fishing in South Africa, Mozambique, Seychelles, and USA, Marlin Fishing in Mexico, to Bass fishing in South Africa, USA and UK, and fly-fishing in Alaska. They have long, tall fishing stories (and short ones too), and even more plans! It is these stories and plans, their extensive knowledge and pursuit for recreational excellence, that lead to the creation of Weeks Bay Outdoors.

Together, Brad and Murray, own a plastics manufacturing and aluminum fabrication company, here in the USA, giving them the ability to design and manufacture their envisioned ‘tricks of the trade’, making their desired experience, and yours, more eventful!

The Fishing Ruler Holder is just one example of their drive for gear that works towards a great fishing experience. It was out of experience that a couple of fishing guides from Fairhope, AL, came up with the first wooden ruler holder. Midalpro USA Inc improved upon the design to make it from tough nylon in-order to grip and hold the ruler.

The Holder will ensure that the measurement tool is securely stowed while having it ‘at the ready’ and easily accessible. No more searching for the ruler to measure your prized fish, and no more rattling of the ruler while your boat gets you to your honey-hole!

Watch this space for more new products as they pursue and perfect the ultimate outdoor experience!

For bulk orders and distributor discounts, contact Brad Simons
Phone: (770) 530-6442
Email: midalprousa@yahoo.com

Address: 6575 Industrial Way, Alpharetta, GA, 30004

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